Top 6 Greatest Poker Chip Sets Under The $200 Price Range

Today, buying the best and thus highest quality set of poker chips is not all that expensive after all. If price is your major concern, it is now possible to get the said set of poker chips at a price that is just below the two hundred dollar mark. Best of all, if purchasing a full set of lets say 300, 500, or even 1000 chips, then the set price is typically inclusive of sometimes a dealer button, one or two decks of playing cards, a carrying case that may be aluminum, wooden or plastic made and five dices.
Here are some of the best under $200 dollar poker chip sets to choose from.

i. 500 11.5 gram plain clay poker chips set

This is one of the most common poker chip set you will find in most of the players homes. And as heavy as they may be, most poker lovers like carrying it around wherever they go in its aluminum case. These poker chips come with a dealer button and two decks of cards and got the right weight for a regular poker player. This clay poker set has everything that six to eight players to make their game enjoyable. And the very plain chips have no numbers printed on them so that the players can decide for themselves what each color chip is really worth.

ii. 500 11.5 gram super diamond metal core poker chips

These chips are composite metal core type. Even though today the most popular poker chips are the clay variety, these are among the most preferred by serious poker players. In addition to being very easy to shuffle and play with, they are also quite durable than the clay variety of poker chips. The set comprises of a dealer button, 5 dice and two decks of plastic playing cards. All these come packed in an easy to carry aluminum poker chip case. Although the five color chips don’t come printed with a value, each colored chip can stand for any amount you opt for per game.

iii. 500 numbered High Roller 11.5 gram clay variety poker chips

Most professional poker players do not fancy numbered poker chips since they have no flexibility when it comes to deciding what each is really worth. If you play a lot of poker tournaments, numbered chips are perfect for use when practicing. These chips come in an aluminum case that has 5 dice and decks of cards. $1, $5, $25, $50 and $100 are the values that are printed on them.

iv. 9 gram 1000 poker chip set

If you are a real poker game enthusiast and you love playing with ten or more players, then this is the poker chip set you should go for. It comes with 100 Black, 200 Blue, 100 Green, 300 White and 300 Red poker chips and as well as a dealer button, 3 packs of cards and a dice. All these are packed in an aluminum carrying case. Simply put, it got all you need to get started.

v. 11.5 gram 400 poker chip set

For a small home game of about six players, this is a great metal core poker chip set. With a beautiful wooden carrying case, a dealer button and a set of playing cards, this set will last many exciting nights of poker play.

vi. 11.5 gram 500 poker chip set

This 500 poker chip set comes in a professional black vinyl carrying case. The set comprise of a dice and 2 packs of Aviator playing cards, looking classy yet compact!