Among All These Poker Chip Colors, Which Denomination Should I Settle For?

When growing up in the suburbs, I was quite familiar with my father’s different colored clay poker chips. We used to play a lot of poker during our free time as a family. My father and mother were avid poker players and thus were always playing poker after the family dinners. We all came to love the game and we still do up to now. I have even introduced my five year old boy into the poker world and I can assure you, he loves playing it with me all the times we are together.

The poker chip colors and their denominations

Poker chips come in different colors for valuation purposes. In simple terms, different colored poker chips are valued differently. Basically, if you are an avid poker player like me, then you know how vital it is to identify what each chip is really worth, especially when playing competitively. Yes, when playing different poker variety, for example Omaha Hold ‘Em Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and the likes, each differently colored chip is worth a certain cash amount. Here is a list showing the standard cash amounts that is assigned to each differently colored poker chip.

1. First list: Basic poker chip colors and their worth

This consists of five most common chip colors and what each of them is really worth.

  • Black: $100
  • Green: $25
  • Blue: $10
  • Red: $5
  • White: $1

2. Full poker chip colors and their worth

This is the second list and comprises of a total of 13 colored chips and their standard dollar values.

Brown: $5000 Black: $100 Red: $5
Light Blue: $2000 Orange: $50 Yellow: $2
Burgundy: $1000 Green: $25 White: $1
Purple: $500 Grey: $20
Pink: $250 Blue: $10

As it is, there may be variations to the above poker chip denominations depending on different play scenarios. At visiting a friend based at a certain foreign country, I saw certain poker players play green as $20, meaning that there may be some flexibility on the said list when it comes to the standard values depending on where the game is being played. All the same, the above list generally reflects the accepted standard value for each poker chip color, notwithstanding where the game is played.

What set of poker chips should you opt for now?

After having known what different poker chip colors stand for, it is now time to get your own set. There are basically two poker chip options that you can settle for. These are the 300 chips or the 500 chips set. However today, you can also get a 1000 chip set in the market if that is what you are looking for. The other available sets consist of 700, 650, 400 and 200 chips, the choice as to which to set for is all yours. You can also buy poker chips by the piece if that is what you want, probably to replace a lost piece or so.

Three hundred chips set work very well in a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker game for 5 to 6 players. If you are more than this six, then by all means go for the 500 chip set as there should be a minimum of thirty five chips per a single player. Note that fifty to a hundred chips per a single player is deemed a better option by experienced poker players.