You Too Can Get The Best Of Deals When It Comes To Buying Poker Chips!

My father used to store those very familiar plastic poker chips in a rotating holder made of wood. This made their retrieval easy when we felt like playing poker and this was something that was done on a regular basis. In fact, we spent much of our evenings trying to outmaneuver each other in the said much loved game using those plastic poker chips.

There is a wide array of different poker chips that are made of different materials in the market today. All these varied poker chip types come at equally different price ranges, depending on the raw materials used to manufacture them and how much you are willing to pay. Here are some types of common poker chips and their prices:

Cheap plastic poker chips

Basically, if you don’t mind playing your poker game with lightweight plastic chips, then it is easy to acquire cheaply at a big store near you. Some of the big box stores to source for these sorts of cheap poker chips include Target, Kmart and Wal-Mart to name but a few. The best thing about the said cheap plastic poker chips is that they are quite long-lasting.

A two set of easy to travel cases of what is fondly referred to as Poker Portfolio that consist of 2 decks of cards and 300 plastic poker chips actually costs around $15.00 to $20.00. You can also opt for a Poker Attache that consist of 2 decks of cards, a dealer button and 500 plastic chips which prices range from $27.00 minimum to $33.00 maximum.

Composite and clay poker chips

If you would rather play your poker using a set of heavier chips like those used on some television pokers shows such as the World Series of Poker, World Poker tour and the likes or those used in upscale casinos, then you may want to consider composite chips or clay poker chips. These heavier chips come in six different weight ranges. These are 13.5 grams, 13.0 grams, 11.5 grams, 9.0 grams 8.5 grams and 7.5 grams, the choice as to which weight range to settle for is all yours.

Heavier poker chips are preferable to play poker with as they provide a much superior tactile playing experience and are also better sounding when they click against each other. If you are an occasional poker player, then go for the limited design option 9grams chips as they are much lighter their heavier counterparts and thus cost lesser.

The 11.5 grams chips are 28% heavier than the 9grams variety and come in the widest design option assortment. If you are willing to pay a higher premium for extra weight, then by all means go for the 13.00grams to 13.5grams chips. These are approximately 13% to 17% heavier than the 11.5 grams chip variety.

A set of two color 300 11.5 grams composite poker chips costs around $75 or more depending on the design style. A similar 300 clay chips set goes for approximately $25 to $30 or more also depending on the settled design style. A set of two color 500 11.5 grams composite chips goes for $85 to $100 while a similar set of clay variety sets you back by approximately $150.

Composite and clay chip design options

These two chip variety are normally mono colored though sometimes with different imprinted patterns. You can also get two or three colored chips that have a perfect look. However, with these, you should expect to pay more than for the single colored variety. These chips also come in an assortment of different design styles. The most common poker chip design styles include Suited, Diamond and Dice.